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        Brief introduction

        Shanghai Tehan industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Shanghai  Tehan

        Shanghai Tehan industry and Trade Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is a member of Shanghai Welding Association. It is a trade company specializing in welding materials to operate special welding materials. The products are

        widely used in many fields, such as metallurgy, petrochemical, power plant, boiler, steel structure and so on.

        The company has strong economic strength, strong network of relationships, complete technology and staffing. In order to further meet the needs of dealers and users, our company has carefully built the one-stop service of door

        to door for merchants and set up branch offices in Guangzhou and Beijing respectively. We have a good service system throughout the country.

        It has established close cooperation with many dealers and users. At the same time, our company has a well equipped warehouse in Shanghai and Guangzhou, which can deliver goods safely and quickly to you.

        We have a wide range of commodity information networks, partners throughout the country, has become the representative of Europe, Japan and Korea well-known welding materials enterprises in China. Under the guidance of

        the business philosophy of "creating the best service", we have made remarkable achievements through the untiring efforts of all the staff. Our company has a business essence

        The backbone team with strong operation ability will provide professional, personalized, all-weather and all-around services for our customers.

        Our aim is: "in exchange for your trust and support with service and sincerity, mutual benefit and win-win".

        Our company is willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with colleagues from all walks of life to create the future together.

        Warm hint: the name of the company is "Shanghai special welding industry and Trade Co., Ltd.", Beijing branch name "special welding (Beijing) Trade Co., Ltd.", the name of the Guangzhou branch is "Guangzhou trade Sheng

        Welding Material Co., Ltd.", please recognize the name of the company, any other "special welding" for the name of the company has nothing to do with the company. To protect

        Customers are of vital interest. Please check the company's information carefully.

        Professional supplier of welding materials and welding solutions

        Our company mainly deals with the following products:

        1 Japan: Kobelco KOBELCO, Japan Railway NSSW, grease TASETO

        2 United States: superalloy SMC, akktak ALCOTEC

        3 Europe: Sandvik, Sweden

        4 domestic welding consumables: Harbin weir, Shanghai electric power, Shanghai Cimic, Shanghai welding equipment.